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Bucharest City Tour

In partnership with RATB, on the first day of the conference (June 15, 18:00 hours), right before the Welcome Reception, participants are invited to discover Bucharest's most important tourist attractions in a wonderful Bucharest City Tour by a double-decker open bus. The tour will take you to places such as The Free Press Square, The Village Museum, The Arch of Triumph, The Victory Square, The Revolution Square, The Palace of the Parliament, The CEC Palace, The Union Square, Bucharest University, and The Roman Square. A detailed map of the route is available here. The tour takes about 40-50 minutes.

A dedicated bus will join us at the conference location. Don't forget to bring your bus tickets, which were provided with the welcome pack. The rendezvous point is marked here on the map (click on the link for Google Maps):

If you are at the conference by that time, we will proceed together to the bus rendezvous point right after the last session. In case you come directly to the rendezvous point, here is how the bus should look like, thus you won't be able to miss it. After the tour, the bus will leave us back to where we left and we will proceed to the welcome reception.

For more information on the RATB's Bucharest City Tour, please visit the official webpage here.

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception is taking place on June 15, starting at 19:00 hours, at the conference venue, i.e., UPB's Library/Conference Center ("Biblioteca Centrală UPB"), 4th floor (right in the conference lobby).

Gala dinner

We are looking forward to the CBMI 2016 social event, which will take place on the second day of the conference, June 16, starting at 19:00. The event will be held at the "Crama Domnească", which is situated in the very heart of the historical center of Bucharest, right near the "Curtea Veche", a XIII-th Century Princely Court. The "Crama Domnească" restaurant welcomes visitors under its vaulted ceiling, and transports them back into former princely times in "Țara Românească" (the old Romanian Country). The cuisine and beverages are traditional Romanian, in resonance with the historical past of the locality. A terrace leading to architectural ruins completes the picture.

For more information see the restaurant webpage here. Also you can check the following nice video presentation of the place:

How to reach the restaurant

The restaurant address is: 13-15 Șelari Street, Sector 3, Bucharest. Here is a map of the area (click on the link for Google Maps):

The closest subway stations are "Piața Unirii 2" and "Piața Unirii 1". Not that far is also "Universitate", which is on the other side of the old town. The restaurant is easily accessible on foot from "Piața Unirii 2". Basically, as soon as you exit the station you go along "Splaiul Independenței" boulevard (the one following the river) and take the third road on the right. Continue straight and after 30 meters the restaurant is on the right. If you chose to come from "Universitate" subway station, you will have to cross the entire old town which would be a pleasant 15 minutes walk.

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